Dragon's Diet


You want to give your Dragon the absolute best. Feed your Dragon our premium Dubia Roaches and have peace of mind knowing that you’re providing a nutrient packed meal that they’ll love to eat — ensuring a Happy, Healthy and long Life!

Fuel Your Dragon

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Your dragon needs a nutritious routine diet. We offer 25% off all recurring orders. Simply check "Subscribe & Save" when you select your roach size. We will do the heavy lifting and ensure your dragon gets fed on time!

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Nutrition Your Dragon Needs

Our roaches are carefully bred in a stress free environment. Each roach is fed a well balanced diet consisting of fruit and veggies and are full of essential nutrients.

Feed Your Predator’s Wild Side

Your Dragon is a natural born predator. Feeding your Dragon live Dubia Roaches makes mealtime an experience they’ll be looking forward to each day.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You and your Dragon's satisfaction are everything to us. We take extreme care to ensure safe and timely delivery but if you are not happy with your order, we will make it right. Period.

Select Your Roach Size

We offer our blaptica roaches in small, medium, large, and adult sizes. Our goal is to offer a healthy and affordable solution so you can keep your dragon's hunger at bay.

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Essential reptile supplement

Reptile Greens & Calcium Powder
Reptile Greens & Calcium Powder Reptile Greens & Calcium Powder Reptile Greens & Calcium Powder Reptile Greens & Calcium Powder Reptile Greens & Calcium Powder

What are the Dragon Keepers Saying?

Excellent company to order from! My Dubia Roaches were on time and healthy. We'll be ordering our roaches from Dragon's Diet moving forward.

– Gerard T.

Competitive pricing, excellent shipping and customer service. My Dragon has found our new go to online pet food store! Highly recommended.

– Danielle S.


The overall health and well-being of your reptile is our number one priority. Every detail of our roach life-cycle is carefully monitored and optimized to ensure they are fed and bred in a nutritious and safe environment. Your dragon deserves only the best!

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Live Dubia Roaches

Dubia Roaches

Dragon's Diet

Dubia Roaches
Dubia Roaches Dubia Roaches Dubia Roaches Dubia Roaches Dubia Roaches

We only sell roaches that we would feed our own personal Bearded Dragons! Organically grown, high veggie & fruit diets, we simply grow our roaches with your dragon's health in mind

If you are trying to keep your reptile on a balanced diet or beef them up, our Dubia Roaches provide 5+ times the nutritional benefits of other live insects and feed.

Bearded Dragon Care

Learn more about your dragon’s dietary needs, potential health issues, proper habitat, and more. Together we’ll make sure your beardie is receiving the very best food and care.


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