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Bug Chug Water Crystals for Feeder Insects

Bug Chug Water Crystals for Feeder Insects
Bug Chug Water Crystals for Feeder Insects Bug Chug Water Crystals for Feeder Insects Bug Chug Water Crystals for Feeder Insects

If you need to keep your crickets, roaches, or other feeder insects alive for more than a day or two, they need a source of hydration. But don’t use water. Seriously—it will drown them. Instead, use Dragon’s Diet Bug Chug, easy and convenient water crystals that will keep your feeders healthy for your reptile to enjoy.

8oz or 16oz Bag

Water Crystals for Dubia Roaches and Crickets

How to Use Bug Chug Water Crystals for Dubia Roaches

Directions: Scoop a small amount in a shallow feeder dish. Refill as necessary. Reseal the Bug Chug bag and store in a cool, dry place.

What Are Insect Water Crystals?

Have you ever made Jell-O? Water crystals, or polymer crystals, act kind of like that, expanding into a gel as they absorb moisture.

Polymer crystals:

  • Are comprised of a long line of repeating molecules
  • Turn to gel as they absorb moisture
  • Can absorb hundreds of times their weight in moisture

This is why they are a great source of hydration for insects. As a gel, they can’t cause your feeders to drown. They are natural, long-lasting, and effective at getting the job done. Besides hydrating insects, polymer crystals are used in garden soil, disposable diapers, and at florist shops to keep flowers fresh longer.

Do Dubia Roaches Need Water?

If you’ve got a reptile with a healthy appetite, chances are, you’re ordering feeder insects a lot (or you have a subscription). So you need to keep those feeders alive long enough for your dragon to eat them. Water helps with that, and it keeps your roaches healthy and nutritious. It can prevent health problems such as protein overload or physiological stress.

But giving the bugs a water dish? That’s not really an option. Roaches, crickets, and other feeders easily drown.

Dealing with a sponge or complex watering system can become tedious and unsanitary. Our Bug Chug doesn’t even require you to mix or measure anything. Just open, place a scoop in a dish, and you’re done. Your roaches will thank you.. But your reptile will thank you more. (Yum!)