Keeper's Feeder Tweezers

Keeper's Feeder Tweezers

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Keeper's Feeder Tweezers

Keeper's Feeder Tweezers

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6" Live Insect Feeder Tool

Natural Bamboo Tweezers are an excellent utensil for feeding live insects to reptiles and amphibians. These 6" Keeper's Tweezers make live feeding easy and allow enough distance to prevent stress for your reptile. 

Crafted from natural organic and sustainable material, these wood tongs contain no harmful chemicals or toxins.

  • Nutrition your dragon needs

    Our roaches are carefully bred in
    a stress-free environment. Each
    roach is fed a well-balanced diet
    consisting of fruit and veggies
    and are full of essential nutrients.

  • Feed your predator's wild side

    Your Dragon is a natural born
    predator. Feeding your Dragon
    live Dubia Roaches makes
    mealtime an experience they'll
    be looking forward to each day.

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

    You and your Dragon's
    satisfaction are everything to us.
    We take extreme care to ensure
    safe and timely delivery but if
    you are not happy with your
    order, we will make it right.