Shipping & Handling

Dragon's Diet Shipping Information

Return Policy

We do not offer any returns or refunds. We will only offer new shipments if our DOA process has been followed. See “What to do if your Roaches are DOA”.

What to do if your Roaches are DOA (Dead on Arrival)

We send extra roaches with every shipment to help account for any dead roaches on arrival. We do our best to protect the roaches in our shipping containers, but sometimes the handling and weather conditions may affect the stress level of the roaches.

If your order does not contain enough live roaches (per your order), then please take a picture with a timestamp immediately within 3 hours of receiving your package and email it to If you fail to send us an email, picture, and timestamp within the time window, we will not be able to refund or ship new roaches to you.


Dragon’s Diet Live Arrival Recommendations

Request to pick up your shipment at the Post Office. If you let us know in the order notes under “Additional Information”, or email us immediately at - we will inform the Post Office to hold the shipment at your local office. We cannot guarantee that they will follow this request, but most do. If you are unable to make it home on time, you can always visit the USPS Hold website and try to communicate to them there.

Be home when your package arrives. We will send you your tracking information in an email. If you are not home and cannot accept the delivery on the spot, the roaches may not survive the exterior conditions.

We are not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses, be sure to enter your information correctly.

During the winter months, we highly recommend purchasing a heat warmer for your shipment.


We Do Not Ship To

Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska. It is illegal to own Blaptica Dubia Roaches in both Florida and Hawaii. We do not ship to Alaska, as it’s very difficult to ensure Live Arrivals for your order. Please do not order if you are in one of the three listed states, as we will not be able to ship them to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the temperature is cold outside?

We highly recommend purchasing heat warmers through our store to help ensure a safe arrival during cold temperatures. Without this purchase, we can not guarantee your shipment and may not be able to help you out in the event of DOA roaches.


What happens if the temperature is hot outside?

We monitor the temperature to each shipping destination. If we notice above safe temperatures for the dubia roaches, we will put small icepacks in the shipping container to help keep them safe, free of charge.


How long does shipping take?

We ship standard via USPS. Our clients typically receive their shipments within 2-4 business days. We have had some customers get them as early as the next day, depending on the time the order was placed and the shipping location. There are exceptions during the Christmas and New Years holidays, as there are shipping delays across the board that are out of our control.


Where do we ship from?

All orders ship from Taylor Mill, Kentucky.


Which carrier do we use?

All orders will be fulfilled and shipped on the next business day via USPS Priority Mail