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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery?

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This tasty veggie is great in soup and salad or on its own as an afternoon snack. If you’re looking to give your beardie’s next meal an extra crunch, you may be wondering: can bearded dragons eat celery? 

Through the years there have been many questions about whether celery is nutritious enough to be worth eating, especially for bearded dragons, since it’s primarily composed of water. Celery actually does have surprising nutritional value, including anti-inflammatory properties and a healthy calcium to phosphorus ratio. Celery is safe for bearded dragons to consume every other week or so. 

Why Can Bearded Dragons Have Celery?  

Your beardie will love this delicious, crunchy snack, and you’ll love knowing there are several nutritional advantages to adding a little celery stalk to your dragon’s diet: 

  • Antioxidants and flavonoids, which promote heart health and reduce inflammation
  • Beta carotene and Vitamin C, which benefit your dragon’s immune system, vision, reproduction, and growth
  • 95% water, which is great for keeping your beardie hydrated 

As you can see, your beardie will benefit from having chopped celery now and then. Celery also has another surprising benefit: at 1.6 to 1, its calcium to phosphorus ratio is in the ideal range for bearded dragons. 

Calcium is very important in bearded dragon growth and development. Phosphorus binds with calcium, preventing it from being absorbed into the dragon’s bloodstream. If your dragon isn’t getting enough calcium, or is getting too much phosphorus, he can wind up with metabolic bone disease (MBD). It’s painful, paralyzing, and could be fatal if left untreated. So it’s great news that celery has a safe ratio of these two minerals! 

Why Can’t Bearded Dragons Have Celery All the Time? 

Unfortunately, celery isn’t perfect. It can’t be a daily staple for your bearded dragon because it is high in oxalates, which bind with calcium and can cause kidney stones and MBD. Your dragon could become seriously ill or even die from too much celery. If you are careful about how much celery and other oxalate-high or phosphorus-rich foods you feed your beardie, you won’t need to worry about this! 

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery Leaves? 

So far we’ve been discussing the celery stalk. Can bearded dragons eat celery leaves, too?

Yes, they can! Celery leaves are safe for bearded dragons. You can offer chopped celery leaves along with chopped celery, at the same frequency. Celery leaves contain calcium, fiber, and vitamin E, which promote healthy bones, digestion, and cells, respectively. 

How Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery?

Like most veggies, celery can be eaten raw, so there’s no need to cook it for your bearded dragon. Choose organic when possible—that way you can ensure it’s pesticide-free. 

Before serving, thoroughly wash and chop the celery stalks and leaves, then place them in your dragon’s food bowl. 

Pro Tip: Celery is very stringy, which presents a choking hazard for your bearded dragon. Cut the stalk into extra small bits so your dragon can chew it safely.

What Other Vegetables Can Bearded Dragons Eat With Celery?  

Not sure what to mix up in that celery salad? Here are some options to toss together for a tasty meal: 

Top it off with some Dubia roaches and your beardie will be quite satisfied! 

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