Bulk Small Dubia Roaches

Bulk Small Dubia Roaches

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Bulk Small Dubia Roaches

Bulk Small Dubia Roaches

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Start your colony, grow your breeding project, or stock up on feeders for your pet store or shelter.

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  • Nutrition your dragon needs

    Our roaches are carefully bred in
    a stress-free environment. Each
    roach is fed a well-balanced diet
    consisting of fruit and veggies
    and are full of essential nutrients.

  • Feed your predator's wild side

    Your Dragon is a natural born
    predator. Feeding your Dragon
    live Dubia Roaches makes
    mealtime an experience they'll
    be looking forward to each day.

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

    You and your Dragon's
    satisfaction are everything to us.
    We take extreme care to ensure
    safe and timely delivery but if
    you are not happy with your
    order, we will make it right.

High-Quality Small Dubia Roaches in Bulk

Whatever your reason for shopping bulk Dubia roaches, you need high-quality insects you can rely on. Our Dubias are raised on a highly nutritious diet in a low-stress environment, optimizing their health and resilience to make them ideal for bulk feeding and breeding.

Our bulk small roaches are…

  • The Perfect Size. We sell small Dubia roaches in bulk so you can easily feed a variety of pets, or grow them to the proper breeding size.  
  • Optimized for Nutrition. Unhealthy roaches can damage a breeding project and make your animals sick. Our bulk small dubia roaches are gut loaded with premium feeds (like our exclusive roach chow) and fresh, organic fruits and veggies. 
  • Great for Lots of Pets. Bearded dragons go crazy for our Dubia roaches, and so do a wide variety of exotic critters — from geckos and frogs to toads, turtles, and arachnids.

With Dragon’s Diet bulk Dubia roaches, you can feel confident knowing you’re starting your colony off strong, and giving your exotic pets the very best.

When Buying Bulk, How Many Small Dubia Roaches Do I Need?

When buying Dubia roaches in bulk, the amount you should purchase depends on your goals. If you are starting a colony, you only need a couple dozen roaches at minimum, but buying roaches in bulk is a great option too if you have the space and the necessary equipment. 

If you specifically want to breed roaches on a mass scale, you’ll need to factor in not only the number of roaches you want, but also the ratio of females to males. A colony or breeding project can be damaged if there are not enough females, as the males will begin to eat the nymphs. 

If you’re feeding insects to your exotic pets, you can estimate the amount you’ll need to purchase based on the average number of roaches your animals eat in a specific time period. Roaches can live up to two years as adults, so you can always keep some on hand provided that you have the proper setup.

Who Should Buy Bulk Dubia Roaches? 

If you’ve never thought of buying thousands of roaches at a time before, the idea can seem a little weird, maybe even scary! But there are actually a few scenarios where it makes a lot of sense to buy Dubia roaches in bulk. 


  • If you’ve got a lot of reptiles or other exotic pets.
  • If you are a breeder or a prospective breeder. 
  • If you own a pet store.  
  • If you own a pet rescue, exotic animal hospital, or animal shelter.  

If any of those apply to you, then a bulk order of Dubia roaches may be a wise investment.

How to Feed & Hydrate Dubia Roaches in Bulk

Feeding Your Roaches

If you're keeping roaches but not breeding them, you only need to feed them every other day. If you’re breeding roaches, it’s best to feed them every day.

For each feeding, offer fresh fruits and veggies, along with options for protein and carbs. Roaches tend to instinctively select what foods to eat based on the nutrients they need most, so it’s best to provide various options. This ensures your roaches get the nutrition they need, especially when you’ve got a lot of roaches and they don’t all need the same nutrients every day. 

Some foods roaches tend to love (and benefit nutritionally from) include: 

  • Oats and cereal for carbohydrates.
  • Roach chow for protein (be sure to check the ingredients to avoid giving your roaches any unhealthy “fillers”). 
  • Fresh fruits and veggies, such as apples, bananas, pumpkins, carrots, broccoli, peppers, pears, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens.

Feeding Tips

  • You don’t need to cook fruits and veggies or even do much prep. Wash them, cut them into large chunks, and place them in a food dish. There is no need to chop them into tiny pieces or add any ingredients.   
  • Don’t leave old food in the enclosure. Rotting food can cause mold, and mold can wipe out your entire colony.
  • Always use a shallow food dish so the roaches can easily access the food. They can’t climb well on smooth surfaces.
  • Never give your roaches meat, dog food, or cat food. This kind of food can harm them.

Hydrating Your Roaches

For hydration, use water crystals or a very shallow water dish that you change out daily. Roaches are notorious for drowning, so water crystals are generally a safer option. This is especially true for large colonies that would require more than one water dish, as this can be more difficult to supervise.

How to Keep Bulk Dubia Roaches 

There is a huge difference between ordering a hundred roaches for your pet and suddenly having thousands delivered to your door. One bin isn’t going to do the trick anymore! You will need several dark-colored plastic bins with lids—anywhere from a few to dozens, depending on how many roaches you’ll be keeping. You’ll also need egg flats to place in those bins. 

Keep in mind that for breeding, in addition to the bins where your roaches will live, you’ll need designated sorting bins as well. You’ll need to regularly remove big roaches, feeders, and males (to maintain an ideal female to male ratio).  

Once you have the bins (and somewhere to keep them, like a shed or garage), you’ll need an adequate number of heaters, thermometers, and hygrometers. Humidity and temperature are very important for breeding and for roach health in general. You may only need one of each item, or you may need dozens, depending on the quantity of roaches and your setup. Roaches need air flow as well, so you can drill tiny holes in the lids to ensure airflow while maintaining the necessary humidity levels.