Why Dragon's Diet

Quality Service, Quality Roaches, Quality Of Life For Your Pet

We discovered Dubia Roaches after searching far and wide for the best way to feed our bearded dragons. What we found was an absolute game-changer.

Why We Love Dubia Roaches

  • They are easy to keep alive
  • They can’t jump, fly or climb to escape
  • If they do escape, they won’t breed and infest your home
  • They don’t smell or make noise
  • They don’t bite
  • They have one of the highest protein contents of any feeder insect
  • Their soft exoskeleton makes them easy for bearded dragons and other pets to digest
  • Our bearded dragons love the thrill of the hunt and eating live prey
  • Our friends never get tired of watching our beardies catch and devour Dubias
  • The satisfaction of knowing we’re giving our pet a treat that’s also healthy
Dubia Roaches packed and ready to ship to a customer, showing their size

Our Dragon Friends love Dubia Roaches

My wife was skeptical of ordering roaches for our pet. She was worried about the noise of the roaches, but these have been super quiet and our dragon loves them!

– Nick S.

Our bearded dragon absolutely loves dubia roaches. He has a ton of energy after each feeding. It's been great to see him respond so well to the live food.

– Kim E.